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Elance IT

Elance IT is a world wide IT solution firm based in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

We love doing
  • Responsive Website Design
  • Website Design and Development
  • e-Commerce Website Design and Development
  • Customer Website and e-Commerce Application Development
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Online Reputation Management etc.
  • Logo Design and Clipping Path services

We also provide E-Commerce Web Development solutions that extend the power of any Business.

With an experienced team of specialists, we deliver quality (that actually works!) & cost effective (yes, cost effective!) solutions.

We have all sizes of clients ranging from start-ups to large companies who want to get some best stuff and stand above the crowd. Most importantly, we love what we do and whatever we are servicing is our passion. Accumulation of our brilliancy and expertise leads our clients to seat back and follow the success.

website design and IT Solution Company

Our Vision

Standing above the crowd and creating buzz in all over the world by providing guaranteed and result based services along with awe-freaking-some products is our vision. World-Class web based services that are unique, exceptional and brilliant which everybody will love and this is the way we will take our company to the supreme height.

When people will name us they will find an organization where trust and affordability will be given highest priority.

Responsive website Design Company

Our Mission

We brainstorm and people succeed. We help people to run their web based business instantly by providing a holistic services from designing, developing to marketing and engaging them in social media.

We are working on developing some Internet Marketing products, coming up with some unique ideas and dealing with some problems that most of the business owners are facing.

Md. Saiful Islam Rubel

Business Development Manager

Damn Professional Planner, Blogger & Internet Marketer. He has the ability to focus on the vision, extreme knowledge on managing operation! He is funny, Smiling, Aggressive, Supportive, Friendly, Good Debater and yes, always Serious, even in the fun. Out of office, He is a furious traveler!

Akbar Hosen Mohon

Online Marketing Specialist

Internet Marketing Specialist, SEO Guy. He prepares the IM strategies for clients, communicates about project & maintains all the documents the project requires to be completed properly. He is hypersensitive, fantasy lover, jolly minded, affable and a fun loving person!

Shoaib Ibn Abdullah

Design & Coding

Completely Code Freak! Energetic, Super Active, Calm and Smiling. He is specialized in WordPress, loves WordPress, dreams WordPress & plays with WordPress. Out of office? He is introvert, ‘You may call me unsocial, but whatever you think who I am. I am what I wanted to be & proud to!’

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